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Squeeze Every Mile: Optimizing Efficiency on Your Electric Two-Wheeler

The Shelar TVS | tvs dealer in pune
Shelar TVS | tvs showroom pune
  • Aerodynamics are your friend: Maintain a comfortable, upright posture while keeping your elbows and knees tucked in slightly. This reduces wind resistance, a major drain on battery life. Avoid bulky clothing or loose items that can create drag.
  • Maintain a steady pace: Frequent acceleration and braking use more energy. Try to anticipate traffic flow and maintain a consistent, moderate speed. Utilize regenerative braking features, if available, to recapture some energy while slowing down.
  • Plan your route: Pune’s diverse terrain can impact efficiency. Take advantage of Shelar TVS’s expertise and inquire about routes with minimal hills or stop-and-go traffic, which can be especially draining on the battery.
  • Mind the weight: Carrying extra cargo adds stress to the motor and reduces range. Pack light and avoid overloading your electric two-wheeler.

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